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David M Dunne is an experienced Attorney with a demonstrated history of working to help clients achieve the greatest results. Skilled in

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  • Trademarks
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David M Dunne
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David M Dunne has over 20 years professional experience. He has obtained a Juris Doctor from Rutgers University School of Law – Newark, an MBA in Finance from Pace University, Lubin Graduate School of Business, and an Engineering Degree from Rutgers College of Engineering.


Licensed to Practice Law in NY & NJ


Before you grow your business, you want to make sure you have all the proper protections in place. When it comes to intellectual property, getting the protections you need can sometimes be time sensitive. We will help look at your business goals and work with you to establish the intellectual property protections you need to have in place so you can grow quickly! Whether it is a copyright, trademark, or patent, we can guide you every step of the way so that you don’t miss any opportunities to monetize your ideas. We have over 20 years experience working with growth businesses. Our expertise includes working with entrepreneurs to prepare and negotiate franchise and licensing opportunities. The right intellectual property protections might increase the value of your business. If you think you’d like to expand your small business, let us help show you all your legal options.



You might be wondering if you need a trademark and if you do, how do you get a trademark. The simple answer is that if you are doing business and want to protect yourself you should look into getting a trademark. A trademark can become a valuable asset to your business. Also, while searching for a trademark you can find out if someone else is using the name or design that you have in mind. Doing so in advance of launching your business can save you lots of time and money. (If you are found to be infringing on someone else’s marks you could have to switch your business name or design immediately!). An experienced attorney can save a busy entrepreneur time and money by streamlining the search and filing process. Obtaining a trademark is an affordable way to add value to your business. Give us a call today and we can help you determine if getting a trademark is right for your business. 201-775-9339



Entrepreneurs never think small. When you have a big idea, or a successful small business up and running, the logical next step is to explore ways to expand and grow. Franchising and licensing can give entrepreneurs and fast, affordable way to grow by working with other entrepreneurs like themselves. Getting the legal pieces in place prior to expansion requires the experience of an attorney who can work with you every step of the process. We are skilled in drafting the legal documents necessary to franchise, license, and expand your business. We enjoy working with entrepreneurs so that they can focus on what they do best! For a free consultation to discuss your options, call us at 201-775-9339



Obtaining a Copyright for your original materials can be an important step in protecting your works. We work with Musicians, Artists, Autors, and other Creators to protect their original works using copyright protections. Obtaining a copyright can be an affordable way for inventors to protect their legal rights. If you are a songwriter, a musician, an artist, or an author, you should be protecting your content. For a free consultation to discuss your options, call us at 201-775-9339

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